Online Summer Book Fair and Giveaway

Black Lilac Kitty Book Promotion is launching an online summer book fair and giveaway.  While my book isn’t in print yet, it will be featured in the book fair.  They hosted a Winter Online Book Fair and I found some amazing new authors whose books I have begun reading or have added to my “wish list”.  The book fair starts today!  Please check all the amazing authors and books that are listed.  To enter giveaways, you need to download the catalog and look through it.  Somewhere inside the catalog are instructions to enter to win giveaway prizes.

A side note:  I should have a proof of my book by next week.

3 responses to “Online Summer Book Fair and Giveaway

  1. I am EXCITED ABOUT YOUR NEW BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Very exciting about your new book!

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