The latest in list making

I have posted twice on the fine art of list making.  I am fanatical about making lists: grocery lists, lists of things to do, lists of books I want to read (that one is getting very long), lists of things I would like to do, and so the “list” goes on.  My first post Lists – Why do I do this to myself? was followed up by a zany video on making lists.

Somehow I signed up for a blog from European Paper.  I think I may have purchased something from them and signed up to follow their blog.  Today’s email had a blog post from them.  The subject line was Word:  The Task Masters.  I couldn’t resist the subject and decided to delve into it a little further.  Surprise it had to do with notebooks for of all things “lists”!  The notebook is lined and has little bullets to the left of each page.  There is a guide on the inside cover – If the item is important you circle the bullet.  If the item is in progress you draw a line through it.  When the item is finished, you place an other line to form an X in the circle.  The best part is that there is an If Found area in case you, heaven forbid, lose your books of things to do.  The notebooks come in a set of three (off white, orange, and camo). 

I don’t know how I feel about not crossing off my lists and putting an X in a circle instead.  For all my list making friends, what do you think?  I have included a picture below of the inside cover and first page.

6 responses to “The latest in list making

  1. Kathryn— there is no doubt — since I have quit working & retired- I have gone to pot–I have fallen apart — what in the world happened to me 🙂 – I use to be so organized– my friends said I drove them nuts— we owned so many different businesses my book keeping & notes were spot on–& I use to journal & write nice letters–wrote ads for our businesses– published 2 small newspapers &&&& – well now I am a disgrace— I write notes on any thing– from junk mail– to paper sacks– my journal is now I guess –my blog– as I no longer have a journal– I go to the store & my once totally organized purse– is full of junk mail envelopes with lists– or pieces of brown paper bags with lists– that I can’t even read–/ but not usually the current list I need– it is at home on my desk– or –who knows where— I have become– “my friends”– that I use to make fun —of who were so unorganized!!!!!!!!!! I beleive it is down hill from here on out—-x & circle are great honey— if I could just find that list to put my x & circle on!!!! 🙂 love ya— later gator—

    • I learned that when I didn’t have anything to keep me on schedule, my organization got bad. But the whole time I was sick, I was also fighting in the workers’ compensation arena and had to keep meticulous notes for myself, all my doctors, and my attorney. Then I had to keep all my receipts for expenses. I think that is what kept me staying organized.

  2. Honestly, that’s way to complicated for my blood. If it’s on my list, then it’s important to do. Sometimes my list is nothing more than a sticky note, and I scratch things off as they are finished. If there’s a problem, I’ll add a comment. Whatever is not done is left on the list until completed (or added to a new list if for some reason I’ve run out of space and had to start on a new paper). Generally, my lists are short and designed for one single day, and then thrown away. Every appt. goes on the iCalendar, but I sometimes have to do a sticky-note reminder!
    I used to design forms for the various jobs I had in order to keep track of things. When I was started on the CPAP I designed a set of forms. The 1st page covered the initial set up with the information re: supplies given, model #s, dates, settings, & DME contact info. The second page was for supplies with their allowable frequency of replacements, and dates replaced.
    Years ago, I made up a medication list which is in my computer so it’s easy to update and print when needed.
    When I send my book off to the agents I intend to design a form for that. It will have the agent’s info, including average response time; date sent (that way I won’t get mad at myself because I can’t remember), and reply info.

  3. Catherine Johnson

    I would definitely forget the code and mess it up lol. Kudos to you for being organised. My husband bought me a fancy notebook with different to do lists on, doesn’t work. I use them for poems etc. 😉

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