Happy Blogiversery – Where has the time gone?

It’s My Blogiversery!  Let’s Celebrate!

Where has the time gone?  I wrote my first blog post on April 25, 2012.  Here we are two years later and so much as happened.  I finally published my book, “Allergic to Life:  My Battle for Survival, Courage, and Hope” (How amazing is that?), had a book launch party, and did a meet the author at a health food store. My list of followers continues to grow and I have  met so many amazing authors, bloggers, and others who suffer from environmental or other chronic illness.  I have joined a writing group, PnP Authors, and became Membership Director for Rave Reviews Book Club.

During the past two years I have made myself known on the social media scene despite my fears by:

  • had  website designed (kathryntreat.com)
  • started an author page on Facebook
  • joined LinkedIn
  • set up boards on Pinterest
  • started tweeting a Twitter
  • started a second blog, Be My Guest, for authors (There will be a special gift for those that sign up to follow my new blog.  The names of new followers will go into a hat and my husband will draw a winner).
  • and yes even got myself on Tumblr

I have also had a wonderful book blog tour where I was hosted on 12 blogs over a period of a month.

In honor of my Blogiversery, I am having a giveaway.  The winners will be determined through a Rafflecopter Giveaway.   The giveaway starts now and will run through the 25th of May.  There will be  chances to enter more than once. To find out what and how many gifts (yes there is more than one since “it is my second blogiversary”)  are available.  I know my blogiversery doesn’t officially happen until next week but why wait to start the fun!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

41 responses to “Happy Blogiversery – Where has the time gone?

  1. Reblogged this on sondasmcschatter and commented:
    YEA— KATHRYN—- YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 LOVE YA!!!!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! 😀 xx

  3. Happy Blogiversary! I will follow you on tumblr, definitely. I love your blog and I think you’re fantastic.

  4. Happy Blogiversary! I would love to win because, I too, am allergic to life. Your blog has lifted my spirits on more than one occasion as I realize that I’m not alone in this world of being allergic to everything on the planet (or so it seems at times). It’s so exhausting explaining to people that, “No, I can’t have just a bite, because even a tiny bit could kill me,” or ignoring their looks of doubt. Thank you for all you do and all the hope you bring to the world. (Yes, I’ll follow on Tumblr.)

  5. YAAAAAY!!! Congrats! You should be proud – you’ve accomplished a lot in these 2 years! *hug*

  6. Kathy: Happy Blogversary! It has been great watching your progress and your success. Much more to you!!! Jennie

  7. Congrats, Kathryn! Happy blogiversary!

  8. Happy blogiversary! How time flies!

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  10. Congrats. Just imagine what the next 2 years will bring. 😀 Thanks for the inspiration to keep going.

  11. Happy Blogiversery, Kathryn!

  12. I hope to win your book because I would like to know more of what you have gone through!

  13. Happy Anniversary!!! You have done great.

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    Only 10 days left to enter my giveaway! Now is your chance to win a signed copy of Allergic to Life, a free e-book version of Allergic to Life, an Amazon Gift Card, or other special gifts.

  16. Your blog has meant so much to me and I have learned such a great. deal here!! I am so glad I found it 🙂

  17. Congratulations! Your blog and book has helped many people including me.

  18. Thank you Christine. I am just so sorry that you are dealing with so much.

  19. You have accomplished a lot in two years. Happy Blogiversary!

  20. mariannesciucco

    Congratulations on all your achievements. This represents a ton of hard work. I’d love to win your book. Sounds like a great story.

  21. Congratulations! I have enjoyed reading you blog and have learned quite a lot. I wish you continued health and happiness.
    Now I have to go look at my start date.

  22. Happy Blogiversary! Inspiration to many. From a fellow member of #ravereviewsbookclub – I have shared in all the worlds I belong to.

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  24. Hi everyone, I am new to the blog, have been from pillar to post this past four years since we had a new roof put on our business, it was done incorrectly and the walls and ceiling filled up with molds, unknown to us until I became very ill and had a respiratory collapse, only after a month of doctors did they find out what had caused it. Everyone treats me like it is in my head and “what do you mean you are so tired you can’t get out of bed? pull yourself together” or “Take antihistamines if you have allergies, its just a runny nose, eye and ear condition”. I have not been out of the house more than every other Friday for over three years, other than the odd occasion or to medical visits. Talk about cabin fever. It was so wonderful to come across people that, and I am genuinely sorry the reason that you do, but understand what this is like. I am going to download the book tonight,
    Bless you all.

    • Julie, I am so sorry to hear what you are and have been going through. Yes, there are so many insensitive and ignorant of what we are truly struggling with. Thank you for purchasing a copy of my book.

  25. Congrats on your blogiversary! I would like to win because I really want to read the book.

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