Walk Across America

Hello Everyone

I am considering participating in the Walk Across America  (1k-5k walk) to raise awareness for MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). The walk is being held in May as part of MCS Awareness Month.  The Jennifer Parker Foundation is the impetus behind this walk.  The Jennifer Parker Foundation is committed to raising awareness and to trying to build safe housing for those who have not been able to find it.  http://www.jenniferparkerfoundation.org/

I have contacted the foundation to get information.  This is what I was told:  I would need about ten people to help run the walk.  The Foundation would pay for a park or venue.  They would also provide t-shirts and wristbands for the walkers, put notifications in the local paper/papers, provide window flyers, and provide the forms for walkers to sign up to walk.  The date is set for May 5th.   I don’t know yet how much it will cost for walkers to participate.

If all works with timing, my book “Allergic to Life:  My Battle for Survival, Courage and Hope” will be ready for sale at the same time.

The deadline for me to commit is December 15th.  As someone who deals with chemical sensitivity daily and knows first hand what it is like for someone to not understand or think I am crazy, I want to participate in raising awareness not only through my book but if possible through this walk as well.

If any of you are interested in doing a walk in your area, please go to the webpage and get information.

I have contacted friends in my area to see if I can get enough support and help to make this happen.  I will let you all know what happens and if I can make it happen or not.

7 responses to “Walk Across America

  1. This is a great idea! I wish I could be there to participate!

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  3. Aww I would so come and walk if you were doing it in Dallas! 🙂 I’ll have to check this out and see if there’s one near me.

    • Thanks Rachel. I haven’t been in Dallas for a very long time. I just received an email from the foundation that they are doing a conference call tomorrow evening. If I am up to it I plan on joining in to find out more. I would love to walk with you too.

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