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I posted today in Catch Up Mondays about dealing with the isolation of illness.  One of the things that kept me going was being able to read.  I am so thankful that out of all the chemicals I am sensitive to newsprint is not one of them.  I have been able to read books throughout my illness.  Of course I have since discovered the e-book reader and my Kindle has become my new best friend.

Recently I have begun to think about including a monthly book review or interview with the author of a book I have read.  I know this doesn’t directly have anything to do with the theme of this blog but since reading and taking myself out of my own misery has had a huge impact on my healing and emotional state, I want to try it and see how it goes.

My reading is eclectic.  I read mystery books, books that are funny, biographies, self-help books, poetry books, and books from others who are dealing with, or have dealt with, chronic illness.  Many of the authors I have recently discovered are not authors that are well-known.  I have some ideas formulating in my mind of books that I would like to talk about or authors I would like to interview.  My first step is getting a basic set of questions that I can tweak to fit the author or the particular type of book.

With all that is going on with the upcoming release of my book and extra days caring for my grandson while his other grandma goes on vacation (oh how I want a long vacation some place – but that is a topic for another post) this may be a while in the making.  I hope you all will enjoy sharing a little of what I am reading or have read that takes me away from my own worries.

7 responses to “Author Interviews

  1. This is a great idea. I like the way you are finding away to heal yourself by taking your mind off of your worries. I find that often happens when I focus on other things, my personal worries are less intent, and sometimes disappear. Thanks for sharing this healing process.

  2. Hi, Kathryn! Just wanted to say hello because I have been so out of the loop all summer, and hadn’t stopped by in awhile. I want to absolutely encourage you to pursue this fantastic idea! Above all, this is your blog and should be an outlet for YOU that makes you happy. Enjoyment, reading, feeding your soul, those are all very important aspects to healing, and I look forward to following along, even if I don’t say so very often. Take care, and I hope all is going well with YOUR book!

    • Hello Kim. Glad you stopped by. Yes the summer will be over before we know it although I wouldn’t mind the cooler temperatures of autumn. The book is getting very close and hopefully will be available in 4-6 weeks.

  3. This is a wonderful idea, Kathryn. I’m a HUGE reader to. I actually am allergic to newsprint….I found out when I studied newspaper journalism and college. Ha! Back then, everyone smoked too. Not the right major for me! Anyway, I look forward to seeing what books you enjoy. Right now I am reading Natalie Goldberg’s new book on writing. Take care.

    • Do you read mostly using an e-reader now? I will have to check out this book you are talking about. I have been following so many writing blogs and indie authors that my TBR (to be read) list is getting longer and longer. When am I ever going to get them all read?

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