Book Blog Tour: Day 5

Today I am excited to have Katie from tissue tales (formerly connective tissue disorders) hosting Allergic to Life and I on Day 5 of our first ever book blog tour.  Katie and I connected about seven months ago when she began following my blog.  I read the name of her blog post and was baffled.  I had no idea what connective tissue disorder was so I immediately went to her blog to learn more.  I discovered that Katie is a young woman who is dealing with a painful disorder.  She describes connective tissue disorder as:

Connective tissue is the most diverse of the body’s four tissue types. If I were to describe it to you in a “nutshell” it would look something like this: connective tissue is the glue of the body. It holds everything together both inside and out (organs, joints, arteries, everything). As you can imagine, it does a very important job and is found and needed in virtually every fraction of the body.

I began following Katie immediately to learn more about she manages her life with such a disorder.  I soon learned that she is also a very talented artist from the drawings she shares on her site.  Check out her poetry and art section.

I have written a guest blog post for today’s tour stop.  During my battles I began to lose my identity, my sense of self, and depression wanted to be my best friend. Today I have included an excerpt from my book about what life felt like to me.

5 responses to “Book Blog Tour: Day 5

  1. I hope you all have taken the time to go and visit Katie on Tissue Tales and left a comment or entered in the giveaway.

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  4. I visited Tissue Tales and decided to follow her. Thank you.

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